Hometown: Spokane, WA -- Years Active: 2018 to Current -- Members: Micah Luebben, Darby Meegan

dee-em is the extroverted brain-child of Micah Luebben and Darby Meegan. Though only recently formed in the winter of 2018, dee-em has quickly become known for rowdy live shows filled with scorching guitar, funny quips, wobbly synth lines, groovy dance parties, and acrobatics. Having met years ago at a coffee shop in Washington state, there's a familiarity to their music that only friendship can bring. They previously wrote music together as members of the indie / emo band Marceline. Both left Marceline when Meegan moved to Spokane and Luebben later to Cannon Beach.

The moustachioed men of dee-em reunited in late 2017 after Luebben moved to Spokane, and at the off-handed suggestion by Meegan's wife, dee-em devised a plan to get loose. Their eclectic sound touches on indie rock, neo-soul, hip-hop, and a dash of metal for good measure. Luebben's sculpted voice and guitar licks juxtapose just well enough with Meegan's electronic production to inspire your hips to move.

dee-em is releasing singles through the end of the year and planning shows throughout the region to encourage folks to break into dance.

Reach out and book us: dee.em.pnw@gmail.com

Cool Spokane Band Cool Spokane Band
Cool Spokane Band Cool Spokane Band


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